Matthew Maitland

Founding Associate / Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Born and bred in New York City, Matthew is the ultimate native New Yorker. His competitive spirit as a former collegiate athlete transcends into every facet of his life and and drives him to consistently strive for the highest levels of quality in his work. Matthew has already sold a condominium in the Flatiron neighborhood. With over four summers of experience, at the age of twenty-two, his real estate savvy is unexpected. Matthew has worked in nearly all aspects of the real estate world, with experiences that include: assisting a top broker, assisting on new developments, and assisting in marketing development. Outside of the real estate industry, his experience includes a stint in sports marketing at one of the most prominent firms on the east coast, Game Seven. At Game Seven, he helped coordinate multiple events for Nike, aimed at incorporating and aligning the essence and heart of New York City with the Nike brand.

With an extensive background as a leader in team sports, Matthew is a great communicator and considers understanding his clients needs as one of his greatest skills.Along with his avid interest in understanding real estate trends in New York City, Matthew's perspective is deeply entrenched in politics and sustainability, in order to understand ways to incorporate sustainable technology in urban settings. Matthew enjoys volunteering at Dickinson College, on his alma mater's 180 acre organic farm, as well as cooking large meals for family and friends centered around fresh, seasonsl ingredients.

Notably, as a chef, Matthew has spent time "behind the line" at the Michelin Star restaurant Batard in Tribeca, and at the Michelin Star restaurant Four Horsemen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is a founding partner in Last Food, a locally sourced food business based in New York City. He is also fluent in social media and in the ever expanding integration of business and technology in the current climate of new age companies.

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