February 22, 2023

The Gift

How do you leverage an ever-changing state of the market to get an edge over the competition? As a real estate executive (and broker) who's hired and helped grow the businesses of hundreds of brokers and agents, I came to realize long ago that newly licensed agents with what I call "the gift" have much more potential to be a great broker than the experienced but forever middling broker who is likely to stay in the middling range throughout their career.

What is "the gift?"

Without excellent "soft skills", even the most knowledgeable broker is not much better than a google search. When choosing representation, collaborate with an agent or broker who's a creative problem solver, who understands you, your needs, your wants, and your challenges. A broker who knows market data cold is good, but may not have what it takes to maximize value. A broker who listens and communicates effectively and creatively (who also understands market nuances) will get you the best of all potential outcomes.

Notice how your broker make you feel, rather than just what they know. If you feel heard by your broker, if they are responsive to your concerns, your needs, and even your passions, and is responsive in a way that lets you know they "get it", who proposes innovative solutions to your challenges, chances are that broker is a connector who thinks outside of the box, which are the most critical skills in dealmaking. There are a million ways to lose leverage on deals, but often only a thin needle to thread to solve problems to garner a successful outcome.

Align yourself with a professional with a great support system who understands people, their motivations, and their drives, who's willing and able to go the extra mile, and your chances of the best possible outcome increase exponentially.

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January 3, 2023

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